Thursday, July 7, 2016

Schematic For Infrared Sensor Board

Schematics for Infrared Sensor

For making a sensor board using Infrared sensors, you are going to need the following components.

  • Infrared Transmitters and Receivers ( 5 each )
  • LED for an indicator ( 1 pc )
  • 0.4k Resistors ( 10 pcs )
  • 22k Resistors ( 5 pcs )
  • 5k Potentiometers ( 5 pcs )
  • Male headers ( 7 Headers )
  • PCB Matrix Board
After you get your matrix board, you will need to solder the above items in the board by looking at the given schematics. For better efficiency, you can start soldering the components in the following order.

  1. Solder all the 0.4k resistors as shown by connecting a line for the positive terminal of the source.
  2. Connect the respective Infrared Transmitters (IR1 - IR5 ) with the resistors along with a LED at the end ( used as an indicator for the board ) .
  3. Now, connect the negative ends of the IRT ( Infrared Transmitters ) to a line which connects the negative terminal of the battery.
  4. Similarly, connect the negative ends of all the IRR ( Infrared Receivers ) to a single line which connects them to the negative end of the battery.
  5. After that's done, connect the 22k resistors in a 45 degree angle with the positive end of each of the IRRs as shown in the diagram.
  6. Make sure you buy three terminals POT (Potentiometers) that are compatible to your board. Solder the single end of the POT to the 22k resistor and one of the bottom two legs to a single line, which in the end gets connected to the positive terminal of the battery. Solder everything as shown in the figure by examining the circuit carefully.
  7. Finally, you have to do one more thing that is not illustrated in the figure. Bring out wires from the ports that are named as label(1-5) and connect them to 5 male headers at one side of the board. Similarly, connect two headers at the terminal ports of the battery so that it is easier to connect and disconnect the battery at your own will.
After you get finished with your soldering and the connecting stuffs, your circuit board or the sensor board might look like this in the pictures given below.

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