Local Apps

1. eSewa


The first online payment gateway in Nepal provides services like paying utility bills, buying movie tickets, airline tickets and even recharging your phone right from your home. So, whether you are a busy CEO or a lazy couch potato, this app will definitely make your life easier.

Developer: f1 soft


2. Yellow


Ever gone hungry just because you could not find a decent place to eat? Now, with the yellow app, find over 500 great places within Kathmandu to eat and celebrate. Also, find great deals and info about upcoming events. And try really hard not getting overwhelmed by the incredible design.

Designer: Yellow Nepal

3. Kantipur (KMG)


Read Nepal's largest selling English and Nepali dailies and weeklies, watch Kantipur TV, get latest news updates, listen to Kantipur FM, watch model profiles and what not. This app covers the best of Kantipur Media and has even made reading newspaper on paper feel like it's 1995.

Developer: KMG

4. Birthday Forest



Gift someone a tree on their birthday, anniversary or even for no reason at all. An award winning non-profit, you will receive longitudes and latitudes of your tree.
P.S, it's one more thing for you to boast in social media.

Developer: Birthday Forest

5. Nepal Sutra


If you have been following Nepali app history, this app needs less of an introduction. A regular travel app plus a feature called 'find travelling buddies' helps you find fellow like-minded travellers on the go, next time you're travelling, don't forget to take this personal travelling guide with you.

Developer: Candid Services

6. nLocate


Locate everything around you: Whether it be a bank, hospital, ATM, government office, coffee shop, you name it - you can find almost every corner around the metropolis. Of course, you can do that with the google maps but the purpose here is to find more relevant information like phone numbers and local experience. Also watch out for a major performance and UI update.

Developer: Nepways

7. IFA Krishi


This app provides the major crop and animal disease information and its medical solutions. It also lists out the fertilizer requirements in different plants. It also provides best quotations in the market for getting the right value for your reaping. Another feature is its 14-day weather forecast of major cities of Nepal to help the farmers better their farming process.

Developer: Innovation Web Groups

8. Amakomaya


 To what extent can we owe an app? Can it save someone's life? Apparently, now it can. This app increases the outreach of information related to maternal health issues to rural pregnant women. With interactive videos and infographic dos and don'ts you cannot just save a life but save several lives at once.

Developer: Yagiten Pvt. Ltd

Source: EPC Magazine (KEC)




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