Electronics In Nepal

Have you ever wanted to redefine the world around you, making it more officially connected and sustainable? If yes, then Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering could be for you.

Have you ever thought about changing careers or going back to the school days to catch up with the new technology that is being experienced by the today's world? If yes, then you must keep in mind that it's never too late to do anything.

Nepal, still considered as one of the Under-Developed countries in the world, is growing vastly in the field of engineering. The enhancement of the courses for different types of engineering in Nepal has been going on well for the past few years. A large number of students have shown interest in the technical field. Though Civil Engineering is still considered as one of the favorites for the students, a lot has been achieved lately in the department of Electronics as well as Computer engineering.

If you have chosen Electronics and are totally passionate about it, then you do not have anything to worry about. You are absolutely in the correct path. You might have heard a lot of people talking about the lack of scope of Electronics in the country as well as the complexity of the subject which causes a lot of problems for the average students. But, these things are said by people who did not do well just because they lacked belief in themselves. So, if you have the passion and the belief inside you, there is nothing that can stop you from being a good Electronics Engineer.

In Nepal, for most of the students, getting an engineering degree is the primary thing to get a good job or placement. But, in doing so, people tend to forget about the basics of learning and creating.
Yes, if you are an engineer, you must firstly need to have a Bachelor's degree to start your career but that is not sufficiently enough for keeping you sustained and stable in your professional career. According to my experience, the newly enrolled students in the engineering colleges of Nepal tend to get lots of problems to understand the basic structure of the course and the technicalities of the subjects. One cannot totally blame on the design and the pattern of the syllabus and the courses. In fact, a lot of issues can be found in the attitude and approach of an engineering student that can restrict him/her from getting a good knowledge in his/her respective field.

So, if you want to "Study to Learn", then you must need to take care of a few things. Here are some tips that can be implemented in your day to day life to achieve more, not just as an Electronics Engineer, but also as a creative and successful person in the field of technology. 

Tips for improving your Engineering life:

  • Take good notes and keep them with you, before your board exams start in each semester. You will get plenty of time to get along with the notes and revise them before the exams.
  • Get to know your lecturers and professors better. Ask questions to them about things that you do not understand in the class. This will help you getting to the core of the problem and increases your chances of scoring good marks.
  • Form a group with friends who are better than you in academics. You will definitely learn something extra everyday. But don't try to become a bookworm.

  • After covering all your syllabus and getting prepared for your exams and scoring good grades, then comes the most important phase of your student life. In this period, you have to do the actual learning (i.e. the thing that is gonna sell, once you become an engineer).
                                                 If you want to be a good electronics engineer, you need to take these things pretty seriously, at least throughout your college life.
  • Interaction with the seniors:
Whenever there is a program or a workshop being conducted in your college or anywhere, about any sorts of subjects related to your field, you must attend the program as long as possible. By doing so, even if you don't understand well enough, you will at least get to experience things that you hadn't before. You will be able to get appropriate ideas from your seniors about what they are doing with their life and career. This is certainly going to help in developing your student life and career.
 For instance, if you attend a workshop about Automation and Robotics, then you will certainly get to know about the techniques and the algorithms for building a simple automated robot even though you are not familiar with the hardware or the programming stuffs. This is certainly going to add up to your knowledge and experience.
  • Browsing the hell out of the Internet:
If you want to get going with the technologies invented and  being used in the present world, you must need to browse the internet almost every day as much as you can. By doing so, you will not only be able to get used to the latest technologies and updates, but also learn new things and ideas in the process. You can find thousands of videos related to engineering stuffs in Youtube. There are even lots of blogs and websites that can help with your electronic projects.

  • Don't just be a Hardware person:
Being an electronics engineer, you get used to playing with all the hardware stuffs. But, while learning about all the hardware projects and stuffs, you should never ignore or neglect the software part, i.e. the programming part. Software also carry the same weight in Electronics as that of the hardware. We can never run a hardware without commanding it through a program and to build a program you must know how to code. So, you can at least master in a few basic programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, AVR, JavaScript, etc.
For instance, if a company has a vacancy for a Programmer or a Developer, then the company mainly prefers an Electronics engineer to a Computer engineer, provided that they have the same skill and degree. This is because an Electronics engineer knows better about interfacing a hardware and a software.


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  2. If a company has a vacancy for a Programmer or a Developer, then the company mainly prefers an Electronics engineer to a Computer engineer, provided that they have the same skill and degree.

    I don't agree with this. A professional software development company will look for people with a good command on the whole software development process. Programming is not only about syntax, there are tons of stuffs beside it like version control, design patterns, writing reusable code, designing a system. An electronics engineer doing software on the side will only focus on the syntax. They're mostly working on structured programming in C++, Arduino etc. which leads to some bad code quality.

    I'm a senior developer at a leading IT company and this is my experience with electronics recruits. Take it as a suggestion.



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